Smoke Generator 6000

The BullEx Smoke Generator 6000 is a heavy-duty, high-volume Smoke Generator for the most demanding training scenarios.

Dual heaters and a specialized heatexchanger ensure efficient smoke production on a large-scale. With integrated handles and built-in wheels the SG6000 can easily be repositioned in between evolutions.



  • 110V, 2200 watts
  • 20 amps
  • 6,000 ft3/min to zero visibility
  • 3 liters/hour
  • 5″ W x 31.25″ L x 13″ H
  • 70 lbs.



Consistent and continuous smoke generation
Produces constant flow of high quality training smoke with no recharging or reheating necessary

Durable and rugged
Built on a steel chassis with all metal structural components

Easily moved to various areas of any facility where training is being conducted

Dense smoke
Our specially-formulated BullEx Smoke Liquid efficiently produces dense, thick smoke with extended hang time

No smoke residue
Consistent temperatures keep the smoke from becoming “wet” and producing a residue

Wireless operation
Control the output and duration of smoke from a distance away from the evacuation area or for use in an HVAC system with the optional wireless control