Ice Rescue Pole System 2.1 RPK 2.1 (person or pet)

The new Reach Pole System 2.1 is another stand off device from MARSARS. Extends a number of rescue implements from a safer distance.

This multi function kit is used:

  1. For multi, side-by-side victim rescue. Extend and don buoyancy to person in water.
  2. Extensively by US Coast Guard as an ice rescue reaching device.
  3. To avoid dog bite injury. Pet rescue rope lasso is attached and extended by handle attached Shepherd’s Crook. Lasso is looped over animal’s head. Line is detached from pole and cinched. When clear of rescuer, Dog is pulled free.

Kit includes: Handle, Sling, Adapter, Shepherd’s Crook, 110′ Line w/Lasso and Line Bag.