Control Panel

All of Scott’s compressor models come standard with Scott’s state of-the-art microprocessor X4 Controller, which provides ultimate command of your Scott breathing air system.

Designed to monitor and control the compressor’s operations, the X4 provides features that ensure clean, breathable air to each cylinder and safe operations for the user.

Scott X4™ Controller

  • Monitors the compressor’s discharge air temperature and oil level
  • Measures the CO and/or dew point for maximum outputs and shuts the compressor down to ensure acceptable air quality
  • Low oil and high temperature alarms
  • Measures and alarms for high CO and dew point levels
  • Alerts for service and collects data of the compressor usage
  • Available in six languages (English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Italian, German)
  • Programmable and user-friendly
  • Available in four configurations: standard, with either CO or dew point monitoring, and with both CO and dew point monitoring