Attack Digital Fire Training System

Turn any location into a burn room with BullEx’s Attack Digital Fire Training System.


This new technology allows firefighters to train in countless locations and situations to diversify your training and ensure your trainees are prepared to handle any real fire situation. Create a seat of fire where live-fire isn’t an option, and create realistic fire conditions where the presence of fire is an important element, but fire suppression isn’t the primary objective. The Attack includes everything you’ll need for digital fire training. The waterproof panel uses five thermal sensors along with self-generating digital flames and sound effects to provide an interactive training experience. The system’s available smoke generation produces a smoky environment relative to the size of the fire. The system is tough enough to handle any hose line in your training arsenal. It enables instructors to run repeatable and variable evolutions with push-button start and stop. With the Attack your training is done when each firefighter has learned the skill, not when the fire is out of fuel.



Train Anywhere – The Attack allows you to train in any location, even those areas where live fire is not possible. This can include a burn tower, acquired structure, or even your engine bay.

Diversify Your Training – The Attack allows you to place the seat of the fire in a new location each day you train, and even after every evolution. This continually challenges trainees and helps them be better prepared for live burn training and real fire situations.

Realistic Training – The Attack simulates accurate fire growth and behavior. Thermal sensors detect where water from a hose line hits the panel and varies the flames in response. Dynamic smoke generation is tied to the size of the fire and time since ignition. Recreate fire extension with the use of multiple panels.

Easy to Set Up and Break Down – The Attack can be set up in about 5 minutes, giving you more time to train. Break down is just as quick.



The portable panel includes a weighted base with a refillable tank that holds 400 lbs of water to keep the panel stable and upright during your most intense training scenarios. The tank collapses for easy storage and transportation. The panel is outfitted with a carrying strap for portability or can be wall-mounted in your facility.

Realistic Fire Growth
Fire growth and Smoke Conditions are based on fire research data provided by nationally recognized labs. Smoke output is tied to the size of the fire and the time since ignition. Once the fire is started it will grow and extend to additional panels while producing realistic volumes of smoke. The system can also be controlled manually throughout the evolution with the Industrial Remote.

Hose Line Detection

The system includes a waterproof panel that features thermal sensors. These sensors detect the application of water or other extinguishing agents and vary the digital flames in response. The system also features sound effects and available smoke generation that react dynamically to the trainee’s actions for a true-to-life experience. Steam Conversion Technology™ recreates the low visibility conditions present when water is first applied to an actual fire.

Remote Control

The set-up remote controls the class and difficulty of the fire. Smoke production, flame flare up, and volume settings can also be controlled manually if desired. The remote provides an easy way to start and stop evolutions. The waterproof Industrial Remote is designed for use with gloved hands and can be clipped to turnout gear or clothing for easy access.

Fire Extension
Your training can consist of one or multiple Attack panels that connect wirelessly to create fire extension scenarios. Create a larger seat of fire as well as scenarios where fire has extended into adjacent rooms or to the floor above. Wireless connectivity means you can create scenarios such as balloon-frame building fires where basement fires extend into the attic. Customize the fire conditions to meet your specific objectives to your choosing.

Integrated Smoke Generation
The Attack is available with a BullEx SG4000 Smoke Generator capable of producing over 4,000 cubic feet of smoke per minute. The SG4000 is housed in a water and shock resistant case which also also houses a GFCI power supply and a repeater station to extend the range of add-on panels and the Industrial Remote.

The system can be set up or packed-up in less than five minutes and can be easily transported or shipped to multiple training locations.