Air-Pak X3 Pro SCBA

New! Built on a foundation of proven, trusted, performance, the Air-Pak X3 Pro delivers the reliability and durability of the Air-Pak X3, while providing enhancements to cleanability, comfort, and connectivity.

The team at Scott Safety is very excited to announce the market introduction of our most advanced SCBA ever, the Air-Pak™ X3 Pro.

Several key areas were identified that not only address specific fireground enhancements, but also long-term health concerns of firefighters due to environmental exposure.  These enhancements include:


  • The Air-Pak X3 Pro combines advanced material selection for improved water repellency with an easy-to-remove harness for cleaning, decontamination, and serviceability.
  • With minimal water absorption, this new harness assembly may be machine laundered to help minimize contamination and reduce long-term carcinogen exposure.


  • Offering enhanced electronics with Bluetooth® technology, the Air-Pak X3 Pro supports wireless connectivity between devices for improved configurability, data transmission/retrieval, firefighter safety and fireground accountability.
  • Integrated RFID tags provide local storage of SCBA information that can be wirelessly interrogated for asset tracking.


  • Material and design enhancements help to maximize comfort in every sense of the word, from physical comfort to respiratory comfort to psychological comfort.
  • A new shoulder harness design improves the ease of donning the SCBA and minimizes pressure points to reducer user fatigue.
  • A naturally articulating waist pad promotes greater range of motion to the user, while transferring weight to the hips for a more balanced load.

NFPA 2018 Compatible:

  • The Air-Pak X3 Pro is engineered to be easily upgraded to meet the NFPA 2018 edition standards, providing customers reassurance that they will have a seamless experience when transitioning from the 2013 edition standards to the 2018 edition standards.
  • Like all Scott Safety Air-Pak SCBA, the X3 Pro is proudly “Made in the USA” with the highest level of quality and workmanship.