3 Strand Rescue Reels

MARSARS Rescue Reels are portable, compact, tangle free rope deployment dispensers.

No need for manual hand tending, adjustable back cover controls over spin. All MARSARS reels come rescue ready with orange colored, buoyant, 3/8″ – 9mm diameter, 3-strand construction line of 3,700 # BS.. Factory spliced eyes with pre-rigged Cold Water Rescue Sling hook-up point (300′ only). Additional features include freeze-free stainless steel safety hook, stainless steel rope thimble, buoyant hook-float (prevents detached tether end from sinking), easy to carry shoulder carry strap (used for land/Ice based anchoring), stainless steel removable handle, and ice anchor screw.

Order item: T150 (300′), T250 (600′), and T350 (900′)