2-Point Standard Strut Kit

This kit gives you the ability to perform the four basic techniques found in our Quick Reference Guide, including: Wheel-Resting Side Lift, Wheel­Resting Rear Lift, Side-Resting Front Lift, and Roof-Resting Rear Lift.

Part No. GLX-2KIT

Kit Contents:

  • (2) Green lite X-Struts (short or long)
  • (2) Green lite X-Strut Add-On Jacks
  • (1) Ratchet Straps w/ Wire Hooks
  • (2) Ratchet Straps w/ Snaps
  • (2) Clusters
  • (2) 4′ Chains w/ 8″ J, Grabs, Mini-J & T-Hook
  • (1) Grade 80 Chain w/ Grab Hooks