Compressor / Fill Stations

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  • Control Panel

    Control Panel

    All of Scott’s compressor models come standard with Scott’s state of-the-art microprocessor X4 Controller, which provides ultimate command of your Scott breathing air system.

  • Guardian Charge Station

    Guardian Charge Station

    This economical unit is a complete, total containment BAC charge module, designed with many unique safety features.

  • Hush Air Compressor

    Hush Air Compressor

    The quietest breathing air system on the market today.

  • HushAir Connect 7500

    Hush Air Connect 7500 Compressor System

    The new HushAir Connect 7500 Compressor System sets the standard in compressor technology by simplifying the process of cylinder refilling while dramatically enhancing efficiency and safety.

  • Liberty I air compressor

    Liberty Mobile Air Systems

    For maximum performance and reliability on the scene, Scott has designed three configurations of our unique Liberty Mobile Air Systems that are ruggedly built with safety features that are unequaled in the industry.

  • RevolveAir Charge Station

    RevolveAir Charge Station

    The revolutionary RevolveAir charge module provides maximum safety and performance, simultaneously charging (2) BAC’s within the projective chamber while two BAC’s are being exchanged on the outside of the chamber.

  • RevolveAir Connect

    RevolveAir Connect

    ​The innovative RevolveAir Connect builds on the proven track record of the RevolveAir as one of the fastest fill stations in the market, simultaneously charging 2 cylinders within the protective chamber while two BAC’s are exchanged on the outside of the chamber.

  • Simple Air Compressor

    Simple Air Compressor

    A cost effective, low profile breathing air system that is a complete compressor assembly with maximum open frame air flow design.

  • Storage System 1

    Storage Systems

    Scott provides an array of cylinder combinations to suit your department’s particular requirements for space and performance.

Showing all 9 results