Water/Ice Rescue

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  • black suit

    Sentinel Series Dry Suit Liner

    Designed with a combination Polartec® classic 200 fleece and Polartec® Power Stretch fleece, this dry suit liner provides extra insulation protection when in cold water and also helps reduce the thermal burden out of the water.

  • yellow and black suit

    Sentinel™ Series Dry Suit

    The MSD624 Sentinel™ Series Dry Suit is the next generation MSD577 SR. Ideal for personal suit issue protocols, the MSD624 is a waterproof and breathable constant wear water rescue dry suit specifically designed for flood, swift water and ice rescue situations.

  • Shepherd's Crook Adapter

    Shepherd’s Crook Adapter

    Another minimal risk tool. Originally designed for “Boots on ground Recovery”. This buoyant Shepherd’s Crook is now widely used for reaching rescues, pet rescues, and surface recovery.

  • sled and accessories

    Short Haul Ice Rescue Sled Kit IRS Kit A (300′)

    No set up, inflation or assembly needed.

  • fin

    Shredder SAR Fins P40b

    Swim twice the speed with half the effort.

  • yellow cover

    Storage Bag for Sleds

    Protective storage bag for Ice Rescue Sleds. Features lash-down carry handles, opened by hook & loop closure flap. Yellow top with tough urethane bottom.

  • book

    Surface Ice Rescue Book i30

    Every year, hundreds of people experience near-tragedies on the ice. This 214 page soft cover book provides practical, up to date information for ice rescue teams.

  • extension pole

    Swift Water Extension RPB 1

    Floats if dropped. To prevent loss, this uncoated Reach Pole Extension features partial PE foam flotation. Inherently buoyant.

  • rescue pole system

    Swift Water Pole System 6 RPK 6

    Extend your reach with a Swift Water Reach Pole.

  • throw cushion

    Throw Cushion w/60′ Line RFD8

    Replace hard lifesaving ring buoy with a softer US Coast Guard Approved Type IV Throwing Device. Ideally suited for first on-scene public safety vessels or vehicles. Less chance of unintended injury to victim.

  • black vest

    Universal Swift Water Rescue Vest

    The Universal Swift Water Rescue Vest is a high buoyancy (25lbs) USCG approved Type V SAR PFD.

  • yellow and black suit

    Water Rescue Dry Suit

    The MSD576 is the next evolution of Mustang Survival’s constant wear “cache” dry suit.

  • extension pole

    Water Rescue Pole Extension RPB

    Safely extend your search/recovery depth with minimal risk. Connected extensions enable surface water rescue recovery teams to safely probe turbulent depths.

  • yellow bag

    Water Rescue Response Bag M7 (color)

    Use this grab and go bag to contain all essential water or ice rescue response gear.

  • water/ice rescue kit

    Water/Ice Rescue Kit B IRRK B

  • rescue pole system

    Water/Ice Rescue Pole System 3.1 RPK 3.1

    Intended for land or boat based rescue / recovery operations. Often prevents responder from having to enter water. Ideal for underwater recovery of pinned victim.

Showing 65–80 of 80 results