Water/Ice Rescue

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  • body recovery bag

    Mesh Body Recovery Bag M8

    Vinyl coated small mesh construction promotes fluid drainage. Colored black for privacy.


  • red suit

    MS-185 Classic Flotation

    Perfect for a wide-range of activities including sailing, fishing and a range of industrial uses, Mustang Survival’s MS-185 Classic Flotation Suit is durable, safe and mobile.

  • sled and accessories

    Multi-Victim Ice Rescue Sled Kits

    All MARSARS Sleds are designed for multi victim rescues. Lifeguard System’s (LGS) Walter “Butch” Hendrick developed a unique technique for rapid multi victim rescue, or underwater recovery by diver. When it comes to technical training, MARSARS selects only the best ice rescue professional instructors. Call today for training resources.

  • yellow suit

    Mustang Ice Commander PRO

    For more than 10 years, the Ice Commander™ has set the standard in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for cold water rescue. The IC9002 02 accommodates a wider range of body types while offering unmatched adjustment to suit the needs of individual rescuers.

  • yellow suit

    Mustang Ice Commander™

    The Mustang Ice Commander™ is the suit of choice for search and rescue teams, fire departments, and ice rescue professionals.

  • repair kit

    Mustang Ice Rescue Suit Repair Kit i13d

    Repairs minor damage to Mustang ice rescue suits. Kit includes two tubes of seam grip plus nylon patches.

  • PML

    PML to Track Rescuer’s Advance P29a

  • throw bag with ball

    Pro Throw Bags B5 110

    Designed for use by folks that needs to throw from elevated positions such as piers, roadways, bridges, vessels, locks, dams, or steep river embankments. Features 110′ of 1,600 pound strength, 5/16′ diameter polypropylene MFP kernmantle.

  • Rapid Deployment Craft

    RDC – Rapid Deployment Craft

    The most durable, easiest-to-use rescue boat ever made.

  • reach pole carry case

    Reach Pole Carry Case RPL 1

    Retain Reach Pole System components. Carry bag can easily be attached to boat’s inboard side gunwale. Features tough, long lasting urethane construction with easy access YKK zipper entry.

  • reel handle

    Reel Replacement Handle

    Built to last a lifetime. MARSARS Reel Handles with keeper pin are constructed of high quality stainless steel.

  • reel with anchor screw

    Reels with Ice Anchor Screw

    Anchoring reel atop frozen ground or ice prevents reel’s movement. Reel features Shoulder Carry Strap that doubles as reel’s anchor bridle.

  • foam edge

    Replacement Foam Edge

    This replacement foam kit is designed for older styled fiberglass constructed MARSARS Ice Rescue Sleds.

  • Rescue Sling Adapter

    Rescue Sling Adapter

  • yellow bag

    Rescue Stick RFD36

    For emergency use, The Rescue Stick allows first responders to quickly stabilize a victim at risk of drowning, increasing their chance of survival. It can be accurately thrown over 100 feet, automatically inflating in seconds upon contact with the water.

  • ring buoy

    Ring Buoys with MARSARS Rope Bag RFD20.6

Showing 49–64 of 80 results