Water/Ice Rescue

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  • frame with hooks

    Boat Based Body Recovery Drag A18

    After the “Golden Hour” has passed, Body Drag is a recovery device of last resorts.

  • PFD kit

    Boat Based Family Evacuation Kit PFD Kit 1

    Safely evacuating a family with young children requires a variety of properly sized PFDs.

  • net

    Boat Based Recovery Net GNET

    A public safety boat should be equipped with the necessary means to safely recover a drowned victim.

  • boat hook adpater

    Boat Hook Adapter with Spur RPD 1

    Using arms or legs to push (fend) boat away from danger is an unsafe practice that places rescuers at risk of injury. While pulling or pushing, the handle connected Boat Hook Adapter safely extends one’s reach during rescue boat operations. Stainless steel construction.

  • rescue sling

    Boat or Pier Based Rescue Sling RPGGHA

    Carried aboard commercial vessels for man overboard recovery. Buoyant sling is easily donned. Easy to grab hoisting handles make for a fast, efficient vertical recovery.

  • grapnel adapter

    Body Recovery Grapnel Adapter

    A minimal risk tool for land, boat, or ice based recovery.

  • reach pole handle

    Buoyant Reach Pole Handle

    Buoyant, sure-grip coated handle. Secure double locking spring pins reduce the chance of accidental disconnection. Built tough for years of hard water rescue service.

  • caribiner

    Carabiner w/Thimble H13

  • coated extension

    Coated Extension

    Coated Extension is identical in length to our uncoated extension. This adapter is designed for sure-grip use in freezing conditions. Additionally, non-slip rubber grips prevents hand from accidently freezing upon contact to wet metal surface.

  • sling

    Cold Water Rescue Sling RPGH

    Utilize an extended sling to size up victim. Determine victim’s physical ability to assist in own rescue.

  • tube in package

    Dry Suit Sealant i8 Series

    Intended for dry suit repair, Aquaseal is a unique urethane rubber compound that cures to a flexible rubber product. COTAL-240 is a cure accelerator for Aquaseal.

  • water/ice rescue kit

    Engine Company Kit IRRK C

    Designed for primary w/backup responder.

  • water/ice rescue kit

    Engine Company Kit, Enhanced IRRK D

    This all inclusive Kit “D” offers capabilities to conduct: Reaching rescue by buoyant Shepherd’s Crook. Throwing Rescue by 110′ Throw Bag.


  • head light band

    Helmet/Head Light Band Only P27a (Band only)

    Improving your team’s nighttime efficiency is what this product is all about.

  • rope with clip

    Hollow Braid Rescue Reels

    MARSARS “B” series of ice rescue reels feature 3/8″ diameter hollow braided line of 3,500 strength.

  • Hypothermic Stabilizer Bag

    Hypothermic Stabilizer Bag HSB

    Bag retains patient’s existing body heat. Features full 360 degree zippered entry.

Showing 17–32 of 80 results