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  • saw

    2100 Series MULTI-CUT® Fire Rescue Saws and BULLET® Chain

    More Power…More Torque and More Fuel Efficient

  • blue and red jugs labelled Aspen

    Aspen 2/4 Fuel for Professionals

    Ordinary petrol deteriorates if it is stored in containers or petrol tanks, resulting in starting and operating problems. Aspen Fuel retains its quality, ensuring hassle-free operation over many years.

  • circular blade

    Black Diamond Blade

    Cuts Anything, Anytime, Anywhere… Safer and Faster than Any Other Diamond Blade

  • circular blade

    Black STAR Diamond Blade

    Lasts Up to 100 Times Longer than a Standard Rotary Saw Blade

  • circular blade


    The BulletBlade will cut everything any other carbide-tipped blade can cut, however, what sets it apart is that it can be repaired, and sharpened! Individual cutters can be replaced when broken and even the entire chain replaced, but you don’t need to buy a new blade!

  • saw

    CE94CRS Gasoline-powered Concrete Cutting Chainsaw

    This chainsaw is Lighter Weight, has more Torque and Cuts Reinforced Concrete up to 16-inches thick.

  • power cutter

    K 970 Power Cutters

    Sturdy, reliable, light and powerful – the K 970 power cutter is ready to perform when you are.

  • rotary saw

    Rotary Rescue Saw

    This rotary rescue saw using new X TORQ® technology utilizes Dual Intakes that splits the airflow into one fresh-air stream and one clean-air stream for the fuel-air mixture.

  • circular blade

    SuperVac Tiger Tooth blade

    The new Tiger Tooth blade is the most versatile blade for the fire and rescue service.

  • chainsaw

    SV3-16 Rescue Chain Saw

    The SV3-16 is a high power, reliable chain saw made for venting and rescue operations.   Proven ability to cut layered residential roofing, downed trees and building materials.

  • saw

    SVC4 Rescue Cutoff Saw

    The SVC4 is the perfect combination of strength and mobility in a rescue cut off saw.  Proven ability to cut concrete, asphalt, stone, steel, rebar, aluminum, commercial roofing and more

Showing all 11 results