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  • Compact Upright Hose Dryer

    Compact Upright Hose Dryer

    This innovative, space-saving vertical drying rack is a GEARGRID first, as it requires far less room and can be used with a Desiccant Dehumidification System.

  • GRP Hose Winder

    Heavy Duty GRP Hose Winder

    Winds up to 5″ diameter LDH hose.

  • Heavy-Duty Mobile Hose & Cylinder System

    Heavy-Duty Mobile Hose & Cylinder System

    Responding to a fire department’s need, GEARGRID redesigned its popular mobile storage system to handle the tough job of storing hoses and cylinders.

  • Mini Mobile Hose & Cylinder System

    Mini Mobile Hose & Cylinder System

    Designed to accommodate up to 24 cylinders or 800′ of 21/2″ hose or any combination of the two

  • Mobile Hose Drying System

    Mobile Hose Dryer

    GEARGRID’s mobile hose drying system promotes faster hose drying within a limited amount of space.



  • Station Wagon

    Station Wagon

    GEARGRID’s Station Wagon is ideal for transporting cylinders, hose and related equipment within the fire station and on apparatus.

  • Wall-Mount Hose Dryer

    Wall-Mount Hose Dryer

    For a permanent solution, our wall-mounted hose drying system can be mounted virtually anywhere.

Showing all 7 results