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  • white hose


    The 1200 is an economical, lightweight and durable fire hose to meet the needs of today’s fire service.

  • blue polyester hose

    8D Polyester Double Jacket Supply Hose

    Rugged and quality-built to meet NFPA 1961 Standard requirements, the portable 8D is the essential municipal-grade, double jacket attack handline hose.

  • hose


    Bushmaster is a lightweight polyester jacket, polyurethane lined forestry fire hose that meets the USDA-US Forest Service Specification 5100-187.

  • yellow hose

    Conquest Polyester Double Jacket Attack/Supply Hose

    Today’s fires are hotter—so more water is needed at the nozzle to knock them down fast. Conquest rises to the challenge with a patented thru-the-weave extruded polyurethane liner with a smooth surface that delivers maximum water flow.

  • hose

    Covered Mill

    Covered Mill is an economical, layflat, flexible washdown hose that combines lightweight compact features with durability and abrasion resistance.

  • donut strap

    Double Donut Strap

    Holds two 50-foot sections of 13/4″ hose.

  • dryer

    Dual Purpose Dryer

    After contaminated hose and turnout gear has been thoroughly and safely washed, it is necessary for it to be dried in a quick and safe manner.

  • red and yellow hoses

    Firepower™ II

    Firepower™ II is an interior attack fire hose with the performance needed for the aggressive tactics employed by firefighters of today.

  • blue hose


    The GASyn-CHEM is a layflat, lightweight, flexible maintenance hose with the durability and abrasion resistance of heavy-duty rubber hose.

  • hose system

    Gripper Hose System

    Consists of three heavy duty nylon straps with a padded shoulder sling, all sewn together with a cross piece to create a hose harness.

  • yellow hose

    HFX Extruded Nitrile Rubber Attack/Supply Hose

    Maneuverable. Packable. Dependable. HFX’s nitrile thru-the-weave, rubber covered hose design utilizes both polyester and nylon 6.6 yarn in the reinforcing jacket.

  • coloured hose

    Hi-Combat II™

    Hi-Combat II™ is the ultimate in fire fighting hose technology for aggressive interior combat operations.

  • blue hose


    Hi-Power is an ultra-lightweight, maneuverable, nitrile rubber hose designed specifically for fighting fires in high rise buildings.

  • red and yellow hose


    Hi-Vol is a tough large diameter hose with the ability to deliver more water at a lower cost. But it doesn’t stop there. It is lightweight, compact and durable with a high resistance to oils, chemicals, ozone and heat.

  • strap

    Hose & Ladder Strap

    Available in in bronze or aluminum alloy

  • hose roller

    Hose Roller

    For fast, easy removal of air and water from hose, “walk” the hose through the hose roller before reloading. Made of all lightweight materials.

Showing 1–16 of 26 results