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  • yellow hose

    Conquest Polyester Double Jacket Attack/Supply Hose

    Today’s fires are hotter—so more water is needed at the nozzle to knock them down fast. Conquest rises to the challenge with a patented thru-the-weave extruded polyurethane liner with a smooth surface that delivers maximum water flow.

  • washing machine

    Gear Guardian Washer-Extractors

    Created specifically for firefighter gear

  • green plastic canister with hose

    DECON/pak Portable Gross Decontamination System

    The DECON/pak is a self-contained agent proportioning and rinse application system helping to provide simple and gross decontamination of firefighting personnel and equipment.

  • SCBA

    Air-Pak X3 Pro SCBA

    New! Built on a foundation of proven, trusted, performance, the Air-Pak X3 Pro delivers the reliability and durability of the Air-Pak X3, while providing enhancements to cleanability, comfort, and connectivity.

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  • bunker suit

    Flame Fighter® Bunker Suit

    Size 46

    Clearance $200.

    While quantities last

  • bunker suit

    Flame Fighter® Bunker Suit

    Women’s Size 40
    Clearance: $800.

    While quantities last

  • blue coverall

    Nomex ERT Coverall

    AGO 6.0 oz. Nomex ERT Coverall, Navy, sz. 52 Short, 26 Leg
    Clearance: $100.

    While quantities last

  • rope bag

    Rope Bags

    Orange 75’ Throw Bag, rope not included
    Clearance $10.

    150’ Rope Bag, rope not included
    Clearance $20.

    While quantities last.


Stephen TaylorMicmac Fire & Safety Source Ltd. is excited to have Stephen Taylor recently join our growing Service Team. Stephen is 3M Scott Safety - Factory Trained and Certified for SCBA Service and can also complete Fit Testing.

Stephen has five years experience in the field and covers off the territory of Nova Scotia.

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